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1. How to become【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】member?
Ans: All you need is ONE time purchase and membership is for life. Registration and purchase via linkage provided by your introducer.

答: 你只需要一次性消费就可以成为永久会员。通过介绍人的链接即可注册,进行消费。


2. What are the benefits of【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】membership?
Ans: Members will enjoy a 10% discount and profit sharing, Birthday cash voucher,  and priority in all promotion events.

答: 会员可以享受所有产品的10%折扣与分享利益,会员生日现金券,和优先参与每次的特惠活动。


3. How can I save more money while at the same time enjoy【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】products?
Ans: Apart from discount, member get to benefits from “friend gets friend” scheme. For example; when your friend make a purchase of RM199, you will get the same RM199 product FOC! Company will carry out such campaign from time to time, giving rise to a win-win culture of【For you and me, together we share】.

3. 我只想个人体验【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】产品,是否有更好的省钱方式?
答: 除了自己消费有折扣以外,会员可以通过“分享好友”的方式 获利 - 假设有好友购买一份RM199产品,分享者就能够免费获取一份RM199的产品!此外,公司会持续推出此类型的互利活动,形成一种共赢的企业文化,【你有我有,共享好友】。


4. How do I generate income from【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】platform?
Ans: All you need to do is to share your review at social media platforms after each of your purchase, and you will get:
① Free products
② Consistent passive income
③ A chance to join as partner and get to share the yearly bonus.

答: 你可以把个人的用后感言分享在各种社交媒体平台,从而赚取 
① 免费产品
② 持续的被动收入,
③ 还能够争取合伙人资格,享受年度分红。


5. What are the advantages of being premier member?
Ans: Premier member gets 20% discount from purchase, profit sharing, Birthday cash voucher, priority in all promotion events and also accrued commission from two levels under your network.

5. 成为高级会员有什么优势?
答: 高级会员可以享受所有产品的20%折扣,分享利益,会员生日现金券,和优先参与每次的特惠活动。另外,还能够赚取伞下两级的佣金提成。


6. What are the advantages of being Premier Agent?
Ans: Premier Agent get to enjoy 40% discount from purchase, profit sharing, Birthday cash voucher, priority in all promotion events. At the same time accrued commission from three levels under your network and agent cash bonus.

6. 成为高级代理有什么优势?
答: 高级代理可以享受所有产品的40%折扣, 分享利益,会员生日现金券,和优先参与每次的特惠活动。同时赚取伞下三级的佣金提成,额外还可以得到代理的现金奖励。


7. What are the advantages of being partners?
Ans: Apart from having the special privilege of Premier Agent, 20% of net profit as yearly bonus will be shared.

7. 成为合伙人资格有什么优势?
答: 除了享有高级代理级别的权益之外,公司将会分发每年20%的净利润给合伙人作为股东分红。


8. When personal purchase hit RM200k, how much would I earn?
Ans: A ballpark figure would be around RM130k, for detail, please refer to company business model description.

8. 当个人与直接用户业绩达标RM200k时,我能够赚取多大的收益?
答: 整体的计算大约可获取RM130k的总价值,可参考公司的商业模式了解详细内容。


9. Do I need to maintain my sales even after I get a promotion?
Ans: No, no worries of keeping stocks.

9. 晋级后是否需要每月保持销售业绩?
答: 不用,因此无需担心囤货的困扰。


10. Can I cash in my bonus at anytime?
Ans: Yes, just 3-5 working days and on-line transfer to your account.

10. 赚取的佣金奖励可以随时提现吗?
答: 可以随时进行提现,次日到账。


11. Postage included?
Ans: Postage will be borne by consumers, hence majority of profit has been redirected to consumer in this first round of member recruitment.

11. 产品的邮费是公司补贴吗?
答: 所有购买的产品邮费是由消费者自己承担,因为在这次首轮的会员引流活动中,大部分的产品盈利点都已经让利给消费者。


12. What are the convenience of【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】system?
Ans: Our system is able to handle almost all doubt, for example: Membership is structured via QR code, which aid in the product ordering, delivery, e-payment gateway, daily sales and bonus distribution, product sales landing page and also events reminder etc. Fully automated and easily executed sales operation that helps member to generate passive income.

12.【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】的操作系统能够带给会员怎么样的一种便捷性?
答: 我们的系统能够协助会员解除各方面疑惑,例如: 通过二维码绑定会员架构,协助代理下单,公司代发货,电子支付系统,每天的销售业绩与奖励发放,产品展示销售页面与优惠活动提醒通知等等,全程自动化销售运营,系统操作简单,会员轻松赚取额外的被动收入。


13. How to prevent from price war?
Ans: Offender will be warned or removal of membership and forfeiture of all benefits.

13. 如何防止产品低价出售的问题?
答: 违规者将会给于严厉的警告或停止该账户的所有权益。


14. Does【AVIDER ADVENTURE TRAVEL SDN. BHD.】provide training?
Ans: Multi-lingual training programs is made available for members. For example: product training,system training,business model training, live streaming training etc.

答: 公司有多种语言的培训教育课程,从而提升会员在整体运作的专业化,例如产品功能与使用培训,系统培训,商业模式培训,直播电商培训等等。


15. How do I begin my marketing effort?
Below are the various sales channel:
① Sharing with friends and relatives about products benefit by using product information provided by company.
② Form a community for product marketing with designated resources, take part in company’s meeting and training programs.
③ Utilisation of social media (FB,IG,Tiktok) as main channel for drainage and live streaming to penetrate stranger market. Ride on company sales strategies to capture consumer’s interest and reduce friction in sales process.

15. 要如何启动市场推广工作?
答: 具体有几种市场推广的销售渠道: 
① 与亲戚朋友分享产品的优势,把公司所提供的资料作为宣传方案。
② 建立小社群,进行深度的产品推广,可招聘相关领域的资源,参与公司会议与产品培训课程。
③ 通过社交网站(FB, IG, Tiktok)进行宣传,引流,直播,让更多的陌生市场参与。借助公司策略,让陌生客户对产品产生兴趣,从而减少销售的难度。